Hi guys, the Bok attack is not firing so lekker. But it is one thing to say it is not working, and another thing to say it is not working properly. Because if we know the goal of the coaches, and the system they trying to play, it is easier to make a comment on what is going on.

Of course that is the problem! We do not always know what a coach is trying to do on attack, because in the crazy rush of rugby it can be hard to see what patterns he is using. For instance with the Boks on Saturday against Australia, they did not always get enough phases going for us to see clearly what attack patterns emerge. And many times we get the ball from turn-over or mistake, where attack structure is not in place yet.

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Today I take a passage of play from our game against the All Blacks in July to illustrate a little bit about how the Boks like to attack. It will start behind our own halfway line, through 10 phases, and end close to the All Blacks tryline with one debatable moment. One thing you must get out of your mind, the Boks is not boring, and they are not predictable…

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Hi guys. There is much confusion and mistaken beliefs when people talk about the Springbok gameplan. We have heard everything from “the Boks play too loose” to “the Boks is one-dimensional” to “the Boks kicks too much” to “the Boks kick too little”. Sometimes from the same person! Let’s talk a little about how the Springboks is set up and how they actually play.

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For today’s Match Moment I want to look at a failure of numbers that lead to a try in the Sharks vs Province game this weekend. Rugby is about many things, but in one sense it is just about numbers. When coaches come up with strategies they are actually just trying to manipulate numbers and create mismatches. And in unstructured phase play it become the player’s job to read numbers and try and exploit them, or read numbers and try to stop problems before they start.

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Hi guys I know everyone and his dog choose their Bok World Cup teams at the moment but I thought I will also try. By the way my dog choose 15 fetchers in his team because he like players who chase the ball! That is why dogs do not coach rugby.

Ok, how do we do a article like this? For starting, we can either choose a team WE would take, or we can try to predict a team that HEYNEKE will take. I have chose to do the second option. I want to try my prediction skills, and also if we try to get into the head of Heyneke then we can understand the Springboks better.

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