Hi guys, I was interested in how and why the Cheetahs beat W.P.on Saturday. Many people think it was poor defence, but we see there was actually something else going on that was a bigger contribution factor. Kicking. If we watch the game tape and read the stats, then we see how this unfold.

The full article is at the Vodacom Rugby Site but I have also include some video here that will illuminate further how Province give the ball away and give themself a uphill to climb in term of territory.

First example. Pointless up-and-under by WP.  Too deep to chase.  And right into the 22 allow FS to mark. Just giving the ball away.

Second example. Poor kick by 15, and to make it worse no organisation at the back for WP after he move up out of position.

Finally, another pointless kick from province, but WOW Cheetahs return it with interest! Clayton Blommetjies is a brilliant, brilliant kicker hey! We think of him as a runner, but he is a very accurate and huge distance kicker. More on right than left foot, but still great :)

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