Hi guys. The Wales game was a hell of a battle, and in the case of the Boks even more of a battle than usual. We took the concept of attrition rugby to a new level! 

At the Vodacom site I take a look back at this relentless wave of physicality and why I think it occur, with maybe a quick look ahead to the All Blacks too. Read it there and tell me what you think!

Then below I just have one or two other quick crumbs from the game.

First let us enjoy again Duane’s beautiful offload. He is like a dad who is hiding the ball from his son!

Let us also enjoy the off-the-ball “look” by the Bok backline, who convinces the Welsh they are coming to the open side. Bryan have come over… Serfontein and Pollard both take a step forward… and the final magic trick is that Fourie actually take a big jump to his RIGHT. Welsh swallow it hook and sinker.

Top shot show us more puzzle pieces being put in place. Trevor and the pack manage to wheel the Welsh loosies away. Alberts stick out at 90 degrees to help obstruct, and he also bind on Warburton. What I find interesting is that this was not a classic 8, 9, 11 move. It is like we sacrifice Habana on the inside to rather do a better job of bringing more Welsh over and creating space on the blind. That is balls, and it can only work with someone like Duane who is able to stay on his feet and execute a offload. And look how late Fourie go across. He deserve a Oscar award.

In the article I mention that the Boks went wide in only the 2nd minute of the game but got caught deep behind the advantage line by the incredibly effektief Welsh defence. Last week I did express my concern over the inexperienced Bok backline in the face of that onslaught. Take a look at the rush below.

I raise some interesting stats in the article about just how narrow the Boks played. But something we would like to see is bit more variation and structured strike moves. This was almost the only example when the Boks showed it.

Another thing we did not see enough of was tactical kicking, specific grubbers. I talk a bit about that in the article, but our concerns over Handre’s tactical boot are not going away.

Finally just a quick picture to show there was times when the Boks manage to create a slightly narrower look in the Welsh defence. The Welsh sweepers is back, but the Boks is primed to tie up the defence with a loop or two and then maybe get around the outside with quick longer passes. They did not.


Groete, and I will see you around the TV on Saturday!



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