Hi guys. What shape will the game take on Saturday? Which Bok team will run out? Will we have enough dröewors and Klippies to carry us through? These are all important questions that will be answered on Saturday at 17h00.

I wanted to take a look back at the Boks v All Blacks game in July to see what crumbs of knowledge we can get from it. In particular I look at one passage of play that throw a little bit of light on a few things with regard to both teams. For the Boks, it show a great blend of powerplays and true “headsup” moments, with offloads and keeping the ball alive on attack. We hope Meyer does not go backwards from his vision out of fear! This rugby is what he has been talking about for three years. Will he have courage to play like this in the semi?




  1. RollingMaul Reply

    Much prefer this type of analysis with the text overlaying the video. Hope to see more like this!

    Dankie Oom!

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