And so another World Cup ends for the Springboks. What went wrong? And should Heyneke stay? There are many silly things flying around the internet and around the braai fires this week after the Springboks loss. What is the truth?

For instance I hear one guy say “Bulls kick-chase rugby is dead”, even though the All Blacks did it more than us and when we did do it we mostly regathered the ball!

It is difficult for people to look past their own prejudices and believes. But luckily that is why we have cold, hard DATA. The facts don’t lie, and they will help to steer us in a good direction.

So I take a look back at the Semi-Final to see what went wrong. You can read the full piece here at the Vodacom Rugby Site.

We are absolutely right to question Heyneke’s continued appointment. It is about results, and he have not delivered. But we must be honest and balance in our assesment. To just say that “the Boks play k*k” is not constructive and it is not the whole truth.

If we look at this set-play isolating Nonu in the first minute of the Semifinal we will quickly remember that the Boks CAN play beautifully, they HAVE played beautifully, but they DON’T always play beautifully.

And this is a important distinction. Because then we will start to ask different, more constructive questions about fear and risk etc. And if you read the article you will realise that we were hardly ever in a position to even actually play any rugby. There was other problems on the day.

I do not necessarily make a case to keep Meyer, but I make a case that if we are going to beat him we must beat him with the right sticks.



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