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Hi guys. There is much confusion and mistaken beliefs when people talk about the Springbok gameplan. We have heard everything from “the Boks play too loose” to “the Boks is one-dimensional” to “the Boks kicks too much” to “the Boks kick too little”. Sometimes from the same person! Let’s talk a little about how the Springboks is set up and how they actually play.

Previously, I have discussed the topic of the Bok game plan at more length, after looking at the Springboks v All Blacks game in July.

But today’s full article is at the Vodacom Rugby Site if you would like to read it. In essence, while the Boks will have specific match tactics and set plays, they are geared more to play the situation in front of them.

To illustrate my point I look at the moment below in the recent Scotland game.  The Boks run spontaneous from their own 22 after a deep Scot kickoff and get around the outside on just the 3rd phase. Importantly, it was not a exit play. It was something that happen in the flow of the game and the Boks take advantage of it.

I found this interview with Heyneke from 2012 where he discuss this philosophy I refer to where the PLAYER must make call in the moment.

“It’s not about a game plan, it’s about reading the situation and the more experienced players read the situation better.”


Also this chat with Bok conditioning coach Bazil Carzis where he talk about Heyneke’s plan when he take over, and how conditioning is a essential part of this dynamic type of rugby he envision.

“There has been a big shift to becoming leaner and lighter.”